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Tradingview Experiences
Tradingview is a social network for the exchange of trading ideas. Users of the platform can analyze charts from hundreds of markets and share their analysis with the community. Conversely, it is possible to study the ideas and analyzes of other users on market developments. Tradingview provides the entire technical infrastructure including price data supply and chart analysis tools in a basic version for free. Additional services can be booked for a fee.

Pros and cons in the Tradingview rating

  • Free basic version for everyone has no time limit
  • Fee-based additional offers can be tested non-bindingly
  • Network has long reach
  • Charting tools suitable for beginners and advanced
  • Fully web-based

  • No trading via portal possible

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Table of Contents

    The global network for chartists

    Tradingview is one of the largest international portals dedicated to charting and analytics. At the end of April 2014, the portal had close to 80,000 registered investors, 95,000 published trading ideas, 2.25 million charts created.

    Charting tool for beginners and advanced

    A plus in the Tradingview test is the range of functions of the charting application, which meets the demands of advanced and professional users as well as newcomers. It includes all common and less common drawing tools, dozens of technical and numerous fundamental indicators. In addition, technical indicators, filters, and trading systems can be created in a script editor.

    TradingView website

    The TradingView website

    Free basic account

    The basic functions of the network are available to all users free of charge. Once an account has been created, charts and ideas can be saved, published, shared with the community and commented on. It is also possible to follow users, ideas, and markets.

    Furthermore, it is possible to purchase additional services against monthly fees, in particular concerning the price data supply and enhancements of the charting possibilities. The two fee-based packages “Pro” and “Pro Realtime” can be tested free of charge and without obligation for one month prior to booking – a good choice especially for investors who experience an analysis network for the first time.

    The offer at a glance: Prices and services

    • Basic Account: Free
    • PRO Account: $ 9.95/month
    • PRO Realtime Account: $ 19.95/month
    • Trading Signals (from $ 19/month)

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    Tradingview test: The network under the microscope

    The benefits for investors

    Users get access to a pool of data on hundreds of markets, including stocks, indices, commodities, and currencies. For each market, a big load of information can be retrieved: In addition to extensive price and chart information, this also includes fundamental ratios; for shares, one source of information can be the balance sheet of the company. Integrating fundamental data into the network is one of the greatest merits in the Tradingview test: It deliberately refrains from hiding the discussion between believers in fundamental data and those who take a technical approach.

    Users can analyze charts and fundamental data with the web-based interface built into the network. The charting tool also allows the use of Fibonacci techniques, EW analyses, and the use of dozens of indicators. The latter can be changed as needed or completely reprogrammed.

    TradingView account opening

    The account opening takes just few minutes

    Trading ideas captured in the chart can then be shared with the community – and, if desired, with other social networks. The author of a chart can initially comment on it and state whether the considered market will in his opinion develop in a negative, positive, or neutral manner. If you want to be inspired by the ideas of others instead, you can fall back on the ideas of the community.

    It is possible to search specifically for ideas of a particular user and subscribe to all the ideas of a user or to a particular market – then that information will appear on the follower's starting page. Likewise, it is possible to search for the most discussed ideas, those with the highest approval rate by users, or those with the highest access rate.

    Free and fee-based offers

    In addition to the free features mentioned, fee-based services can be booked. In the PRO account, charts can be designed in more layouts. It is also possible to specify user-defined time intervals for charts (e.g. a 7-minute-chart). In addition, charts can be exclusively shared with selected users – owners of the PRO Account thus have more rights to their own ideas. The PRO Realtime Account provides real-time quotes from NASDAQ, NYSE, and AMEX. In addition, some additional chart display forms are unlocked.

    Regardless of the account chosen, users can subscribe to trading signals for a monthly fee. Among the offered trading systems, you will find AOS FX Primer, AlgoView Essential, Jurik Resarch, and RobBooker. The systems are offered and priced by third parties. Tradingview receives a commission of 30 percent on the purchase price. The monthly fees rarely exceed € 30 and are therefore relatively cheap. The performance of the signals was not checked during this Tradingview valuation.

    Prepared trading signals are suitable for traders with little experience in automated trading and often pave the way for an independent development. The fact that the trading signals (also visually) are a marginal phenomenon of the network and that not every user can offer signals is a major advantage in the Tradingview test – the network is significantly determined by users who do not pursue financial interests beyond the correct analysis of the market.

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    The analysis platform and its features in detail

    Since the charting application is one of the most positive aspects in the Tradingview review, a detailed look at its functionality is worthwhile. A whole 83 technical indicators and – for PRO Realtime-users – volume profile indicators are available. Moreover, there are 54 drawing tools and ten chart display types. In each chart you can integrate more markets with a click. Most users who experience Tradingview are unlikely to miss any features.

    A small limitation with regard to the range of the portal should be mentioned. Although the number of users is growing, not all markets have as much attention as is necessary for an optimal exchange of ideas. Among the top authors are still disproportionately many moderators (all of whom have sufficient experience and knowledge of the subject matter) – but it is foreseeable that this will change gradually in the future.
    Further information about the company is an offer by Tradingview Inc., based in Westeville, Ohio, USA. The company was founded in 2011 and belongs to the sector of internet and software service providers. Due to the offer in the area of course supply it is similar to aTA financial portal. The company generates sales through the fee-based offers on the homepage. From a business point of view, the free part thus serves the marketing.

    TradingView trading platform

    The TradingView trading platform

    The knowledge and experience of users on which published analytics are based represents added value for potential customers, so the core of Tradingview's services is supplying the technical infrastructure and generating coverage in favour of the network effect. The offer is not subject to special legal regulations; since it is not a financial sector company, it is not supervised by a separate regulatory authority.

    However, much of the company data is sourced from the Edgar Online service, which is overseen by the US Securities and Exchange Commission. Tradingview was developed by MultiCharts LLC. The latter is the developer of the trading platform of the same name, which is one of the best-known of its kind in US trader circles.

    The Tradingview experience of the specialised press

    Putting the content of the offer to the test does not really make sense, because the quality of the analyzes is to a signifcant degree determined by the users. A report of a known medium or format handling the technology alone is not available.


    Tradingview is developing into one of the analytics portals with the largest coverage. The portal succeeds in connecting traders and promoting communication on a high professional level. The technical infrastructure is excellent, even the basic account meets high standards. Optional additional services round off the offer also for professional users. If you are dealing with charting and technical analysis you have to experience Tradingview.

    The experiences of the readers of with Tradingview

    We are asking for your very personal Tradingview review: What did you gain while operating on the platform? In your opinion, is it worthwhile to integrate it into the personal trading plan or does joint analyzing bear risks? Tell us and other traders your experiences!

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