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ROinvesting Erfahrungen auf Onlinebroker.netROinvesting provides an extensive array of investment options in more than 10,000 markets. Easy access is provided to trade currency pairs, indices and commodities. Offering a variety of accounts customised to meet your needs, they cite their priority as customer satisfaction and allow trading at any time of day from any location worldwide.

ROinvesting offers a wide range of services based on your account level, including dedicated account managers and leverage.

  • Direct access to global markets
  • Extensive selection of educational materials
  • Swap discount with gold and platinum account tiers
  • Support for Webtrader and Metatrader 4

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    Stock trading offer: Extensive options to meet all preferences

    ROinvesting stock trading supports trading a wide range of assets, including numerous forex pairs, cryptocurrencies, indices, US stocks, European stocks, Australian stocks, silver, gold and commodities. Many of these assets can be traded on a 24-hour basis, while some have specific trading windows.

    This review of ROinvesting found that this broker has an extensive range of assets available to support diversification. Available assets include those suitable for both short-term and long-term investors.

    There are three account levels available, in addition to a professional designation. The account tiers are silver, gold and platinum. Spreads are determined for each asset class based on your account type. Much higher leverage is available for those accounts that are also classified as professional. In order to be classified as a professional, you must meet two of three qualifications based on trading volume, financial experience and financial status.

    While all accounts have access to a number of services, gold and platinum accounts also gain access to dedicated account managers, webinars, videos and swap discounts. Platinum accounts are also provided with news alerts and free VPS.

    • 24-hour trading available for many assets
    • Long-term and short-term investment opportunities
    • Spreads and available leverage based on account levels
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    Stock exchanges and trading centres: Worldwide market access

    By choosing to use a ROinvesting brokerage account, you can gain access to over 10,000 markets around the world, allowing you to trade whenever you want from wherever you are. Support for trading on the US, Australian and European stock exchanges is provided. Stocks can only be traded as contracts for difference (CFDs), so no stock is ever actually held by the purchaser. At present, there are a total of 39 stocks available for trade on the Australian stock exchange, 76 stocks on the European stock exchange and 78 stocks on the US stock exchange. Additionally, a selection of indices from around the world are available for trade.

    Support is available for Islamic accounts at all tier levels. Guaranteed stop loss and guaranteed limit orders are also supported, as is automated trading.

    Transparency is one of ROinvestings strengths, and they fully detail their policies on their website for all prospective clients to review. Trading hours and spreads are also clearly detailed on the website alongside available services based on account tier levels.

    • Access to 10,000 markets around the world
    • Islamic account support for all account tiers
    • 24-hour trading support for many asset classes

    ROinvesting HomepageTrading Conditions: Tiered service

    ROinvesting offers three account levels, each having its own set of associated fee levels. Regardless of the account tier, there are never any fees for making deposits and there are no commission fees.

    Fees for trading are based on designated spreads. For comparison sake, the spread for EUR/USD for a silver account is 2.2 pips, 1.3 pips for a gold account and 0.7 pips for a platinum account.

    Accounts which are inactive for over 60 days are charged an inactive account fee. The inactivity fee is on an escalating scale beginning at 80 EUR per month. This fee is charged retroactively, so if your account is inactive for 61 days, you will be charged 160 EUR. Once your account has been inactive for 301 days, the rate jumps to 500 EUR per month.

    The ROinvesting brokerage account range is intended to provide a selection of account types to meet all users’ needs. Depending on the account type, the amount you will be charged for holding a position overnight will vary.

    If insignificant trading activity has taken place on your account prior to withdrawal, fees may also be charged of up to 50 EUR for a withdrawal amount greater than 100 EUR. Additional fees can be incurred for withdrawing less than 100 EUR.

    • Spreads and swap rates based on account type
    • Escalating scale for inactivity fees
    • No deposit fees or commissions
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    Trading platform: Range of options

    Like many brokers, ROinvesting provides support for trading through the Metatrader 4 platform. Support for Webtrader and a mobile app is also provided.

    Metatrader 4 is available for download on both the IOS and Windows platforms. As one of the most popular trading platforms, Metatrader 4 provides access to trading signals, market analysis, built-in indicators, reliable encryption and a user-friendly interface.

    Webtrader provides much of the same functionality as that available from Metatrader 4, without having to download or install any software. Orders can be executed in just one click and this is the same software that can be used for the demo account available from ROinvesting, so you have a chance to familiarise yourself with the platform prior to beginning actual trading.

    A review of ROinvesting will find that their mobile trading application provides access to international capital markets regardless of where you are located. Available on both Android and IOS, traders can run their accounts, monitor their investments, initiate new transactions and track financial trends. This mobile trading app also helps keep you up to date with what is happening in the markets. Market news and analyses are sent directly to your mobile device, so you can react to events the moment they take place.

    • Mobile app support
    • Metatrader 4 and Webtrader platforms
    • Webtrader demo account available

    ROinvesting mobileUsability of the website: Ease of use

    When considering this broker, one should ask: “Is ROinvesting good for me?” Taking an in-depth look at the broker's website is a good way to review what they have to offer and how well they will be able to meet your personal needs. A review of the ROinvesting website found that the website is clearly arranged providing easy access to important information.

    Their website is relatively easy to navigate. The colour scheme and photography chosen are both tasteful and professional-looking, while the required warnings and legal information are both readily accessible.

    The website has a primarily black, white and red design. Text is primarily white on black and red backgrounds, while easy enough to read, the extensive red background for the footer of the page is distracting.

    One area where the website is lacking is that they have not made available a FAQ section.

    Overall, this ROinvesting brokerage review found that the company has gathered together a significant number of resources to advance the knowledge of their clients and guide them in making wise decisions regarding their investment portfolios.

    • Clear, concise language and easy navigation
    • No FAQ section, which would be a helpful addition for prospective clients
    • Professional-looking and clearly laid out
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    Customer support: Polite and friendly

    Any broker comparison should include a thorough evaluation of the quality of the customer support available. The majority of users indicate that support is helpful and many note how politely they were treated. Problems are typically resolved quickly.

    One recurring issue seems to be that of withdrawals fees. A clearer policy on withdrawal fees may be in order as it currently seems to be subjective.

    Customer support is available by email, telephone or contact form. Support emails are typically answered within 24 hours. Two email addresses are available for support, but there does not appear to be any separation with regards to using one or the other. The telephone number is also toll-free, so you will not be out of pocket for phone fees. There does not appear to be any cost associated with contacting support.

    Customer support can be reached from 6am to 7pm GMT on Monday to Friday by phone.

    In addition to customer support, gold and platinum account holders also have access to account managers. Many users also made note of how polite the account management team was.

    • Available Monday to Friday from 6am to 7pm GMT
    • Can be contacted via phone, email or contact form
    • Polite and helpful

    Methods of payment: No deposit charges

    It is possible to fund your ROinvesting stock trading account through a variety of methods, including credit cards, wire transfers and a number of e-Wallet solutions. Payment service providers working with ROinvesting include Trustly Group AB, eMerchantPay, Decta, Paysafe Financial Services, Skrill, Payvision B.V., Wirecard Bank AG, SafeCharge and iSignthis eMoney. There is no minimum deposit amount specified on the company's website.

    ROinvesting does not apply any charges for making deposits, although there may be withdrawals fees depending on the amount you withdraw and your recent account activity. The company reserves the right to charge up to 50 EUR if your account does not have significant recent activity. Additional fees can also be levied if you wish to withdraw less than 100 EUR.

    Some users noted that accounts could only be set up in EUR or GBP currencies. Some frustration at the lack of a USD option was evident, as many of the forex options are set in USD which required extensive conversion.

    This ROinvesting brokerage review found that no information was provided regarding the amount of time required for funds to be returned to the investor should a withdrawal or cancellation be made.

    • Wire transfers and credit card deposits accepted
    • Subjective withdrawal fees may apply
    • No fees for making deposits
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    Additional offers: Extensive training materials

    This review of ROinvesting found that no promotions were available with this broker. They do, however, offer an extensive range of training materials, including a demo account.

    The available demo account is valid for 14 days for the Webtrader platform. This allows you to familiarise yourself with the trading platform prior to making any actual trades. You can also use this opportunity to test various investment strategies.

    In addition to the demo account, gold and platinum account holders also have access to webinars and videos on a variety of topics to improve trading skills. A range of videos are available for beginner and advanced topics, as well as on the use of Metatrader 4.

    There is also a broad selection of ebooks, articles, Metatrader tutorials, and courses on trading strategies and tools. Most notably, a beginner's course is available that provides crucial information such as basic terms and strategies that every new trader should familiarise themselves with.

    An economic calendar is also provided by ROinvesting with a range of upcoming economic reports expected to affect forex prices.

    • Webtrader demo account available for 14 days
    • Detailed beginner's course covering basic terms and strategies
    • Access to webinars, videos, courses and tutorials

    Regulation & deposit protection: How you are covered

    Available to UK and EU residents only, ROinvesting is regulated in Cyprus where the company holds its headquarters. Due to the US government's tax reporting requirements, citizens are unable to invest with ROinvesting. ROinvesting is MiFID compliant and is authorized to offer its services to investors within the European Economic Area (EEA).

    Royal Forex Ltd is the operating name of the ROinvesting brand. Royal Forex is a leading Cyprus Investment Firm (CIF) licensed and regulated by Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) under license number 269/15.

    All client funds are segregated from ROinvestings own funds and are deposited in first-class, trusted and global banking institutions.

    With an eye towards protecting client data and ensuring the safety of client transactions, ROinvesting

    uses the latest physical hardware and software. Data servers for communications and transactions are encrypted, while trading servers are housed in SAS 70 certified data centres. The company also makes use of strict firewalls to protect data during transmission, alongside Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) software.

    Level 1 PCI compliance is also employed for all transactions.

    • CySEC regulated under license number 269/15
    • Available to UK and EU residents only
    • Client funds are segregated from ROinvestings corporate accounts
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    Awards: Recognition for customer service and trading experience

    When considering which broker to employ and performing a stock broker comparison, it is often useful to review the awards a broker has received, especially given the large number of brokers in the market. This not only sheds light on how the broker has performed for other customers, but also how well it is respected in its industry. Founded only two years ago in 2017, ROinvesting has received two awards to date. This is impressive given the short time that it has been in business.

    Global Brands Magazine awarded ROinvesting their Best Customer Service Broker award for Europe for 2018. This honour was bestowed only one short year after their launch. More recently, awarded ROinvesting their Best Trading Experience award for 2019. ROinvesting is now also an official sponsor of the Italian football team AC Milan

    These awards received over the company's short lifetime illustrate that the broker is well respected in the financial field and has a particularly strong customer service presence. Utilizing the award winning Metatrader 4 platform, which is well-known and highly respected in the trading world, ROinvesting has taken steps to establish itself as a quality brokerage.

    • Best Customer Service Broker – Europe 2018
    • Recognised as being high-performing
    • Good representation of awards given their short history

    Conclusion – summary of ROinvesting

    As one of the best stock broker solutions in the UK and EU, ROinvesting provides a wealth of options for those with an interest in global investments. ROinvesting stock trading provides a wide range of investment options. One frequently commented upon drawback to dealing with ROinvesting seems to be the issue of rather high withdrawal fees, which are subjectively applied.

    This review of ROinvesting found that while this broker offers an extensive choice in terms of investment options, the lack of ability to hold an account in anything other than GBP or EUR was a source of frustration for some, especially given the number of forex pairs based on USD.

    Overall, one of the primary strengths of ROinvesting appears to be the quality of customer service provided. Additionally, they offer a good deal of educational material on their website to support customer learning.

    In addition, while ROinvestings website provided a great deal of information, a collection of FAQs would be helpful for potential investors to find answers quickly.

    Strengths and Weaknesses


    • Strong customer service department
    • No deposit fees or commissions
    • Extensive selection of investment opportunities
    • Global market access
    • Wide selection of educational materials


    • Very high inactive account charges
    • No FAQ section on website
    • No weekend or evening customer support
    • No access for US citizens
    • Fees can be incurred for withdrawals

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