InvestingCrypto ReviewFounded in 2020, InvestingCrypto is a CFD broker that focuses primarily on providing transparent and professional online trading services for a wide array of cryptocurrencies. With that being said, InvestingCrypto also offers CFDs based on stocks, FX, indices and commodities for traders who are looking to trade in instruments beyond crypto or traders who are interested in crypto but also in a diversified trading option.

InvestingCrypto utilises advanced technologies in its service offer, but also includes common-sense policies and safety measures to ensure optimal trading conditions for its clients. Traders who are looking to trade with InvestingCrypto will get to enjoy access to various resources and features that are popular among retail traders who enjoy dealing in the financial markets.

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    InvestingCrypto Review

    Products and Trade Offers

    InvestingCrypto offers a wide variety of trading instruments, with a primary focus on cryptocurrencies. These include: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Binance, Dash, ARK, Ripple, Ethereum, Monero, Litecoin, Ethereum Classic, OmiseGO, Zcash, Gnosis, Augur, NEM, IOTA, Stellar, Neo, Tron, Stratis, Cardano, EOS, Yuan Chain Coin, Polkadot, Dogecoin and Tezos.

    Beyond crypto, InvestingCrypto also offers FX trading capabilities on a wide selection of currency pairs, and CFD stocks and indices from some of the largest markets. Furthermore, InvestingCrypto provides trading capabilities on commodities with increased volatility in gold, oil or copper.

    Traders who are looking to trade with InvestingCrypto can choose to focus primarily on crypto trading, or if they can diversify their portfolio with multiple asset classes to ensure a diverse trading experience. Either way, InvestingCrypto is a flexible platform where every trader can find the type of service they want and need according to their personal trading goals and expectations.

    Commissions and Fee Charges

    InvestingCrypto covers only CFDs – therefore, the only trading costs that traders can expect are related to overnight swaps and spreads (fees vary, starting at 0.1 pips). With this broker, traders can expect no trading commissions, regardless of the instruments traded. Traders do, however, need to be aware that certain fees may apply when attempting to withdraw funds from a trading account, and there are inactivity fees that are associated with accounts that have been inactive for a period of over 60 days. When it comes to making deposits, traders can make deposits via credit card, debit card or wire transfer, free of charge.

    InvestingCrypto HomepageCustomer Service

    At InvestingCrypto, registered customers have access to the broker’s online chat support, which is available to them whenever they may need to talk to a representative. InvestingCrypto employs a team of experts who work to ensure that clients have their needs met. The broker’s customer support representatives can be reached via phone, online chat or email, all of which are available on the company’s website.


    InvestingCrypto believes that online trading needs to be a secure and trusted experience, which is why it relies on a proprietary, fully optimised, web-based software that acts as a gateway for traders to gain access to the financial markets. This software combines proprietary market research with advanced technical tools that are put in place to help traders make better financial decisions.

    The web-based platform that is offered by InvestingCrypto is customisable so that every trader can tailor it to fit their own individual needs. It is readily accessible to traders on desktops and laptop via internet browser. This solution is user-friendly and intuitive and provides a user experience that is welcoming not only for experienced traders but also for beginner traders who are taking their first steps in the world of online trading.


    Aside from its web-based platform, InvestingCrypto also provides traders with access to a mobile solution that was designed to fit smaller screens such as smartphones and tablets. This optimised solution fits any screen size across both iOS and Android devices and provides mobile trading capabilities on the go for both experienced and beginner traders. Mobile trading is one of the most popular methods of online trading today and is in high demand by traders worldwide.


    With InvestingCrypto, registered customers gain access to a wide array of educational materials and various sets of research and learning resources. The different account tiers carry different feature sets. The five different account tiers are as follows – Basic, Standard, Gold, Platinum and VIP – with each account tier providing a unique set of features and resources.


    As far as CFD brokers are concerned, InvestingCrypto provides a very strong service, thanks in part to a rich and diverse trading offer that focuses primarily on cryptocurrencies. Retail traders who choose to do business with this broker can gain access to a wide array of tradable assets, useful features and tools that can assist them when considering potential trading opportunities.

    InvestingCrypto is a broker that provides services to both beginner and experienced traders and offers resources to help enhance the education of traders so that they can improve their trading decisions and trade in a more professional manner. While the broker does focus primarily on crypto trading, it still provides further options for asset diversification in other leading asset classes.