1Market ReviewSet up in 2021, 1Market is one of the latest online trading platforms to burst onto the scene. But with so many players in this space, what helps to distinguish 1Market from the rest of the competition?

Having been set up with a vision to make online trading and investment as accessible as possible, 1Market utilises various forms of advanced data analysis and technological solutions. This allows 1Market to leverage the power of technology to deliver a trading experience that has something to offer users of all skill and experience levels.

Some of these technological innovations include the 1nsight analysis tool, which utilises the power of algorithms to deliver data-driven trading insights. And with access to the cutting edge MetaTrader5 platform provided from the get-go, it is clear that 1Market are concerned with future-proofing the platform.

But technology isn’t all 1Market has to offer. With commission and fee-free trading, 1Market has put together a strong package that competes with even some of the more well established online brokers. 

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Pros and Cons:



  • MetaTrader 5 access provided
  • Limited cryptocurrency support
  • A powerful suite of trading tools included
  • Spreads not as competitive as they could be
  • Commission and fee-free trading
  • High minimum account deposits on certain account types

Broker Information

Company Name: 1Market

Founded: 2021

Country: Marshall Islands

Broker Services: CFD trading

Regulators: CySEC

Bonus: No

Minimum Deposit: $500

Leverage: Up to 1:400

US Clients: No

Funding Methods: Bank transfer, debit/credit card, eWallet

Platform Info

Platform: MetaTrader 5 (MT5)

Dealing Desk: STP

Web-Based: Yes

Mobile Trading: Yes

Table of Contents

    Broker Test: Our 1Market Experiences

    Trading Conditions: Fast execution speeds, competitive spreads, and multiple account options

    Rating B+

    • Commission and fee-free trading; rollover fees only
    • Over 600 CFDs on offer
    • Fast execution speeds
    • Multiple trading account types to choose from

    1Market has some different account types on offer, which will dictate what kind of trading conditions you will benefit from.

    While certain aspects of the trading conditions remain consistent across the different account types – such as the fast execution speeds and the lack of slippage when making trades – the trading conditions you benefit from will largely depend on the account type you open with the broker. Regardless of what trading account you choose you will benefit from commission and fee-free trades. The only fees you may be subject to are rollover fees which you have to pay if you leave a trade open overnight.

    In total, there are six different account types on offer: Mini, Standard, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and VIP.

    The mini account is designed for the casual trader and comes with low minimum deposit thresholds, low in-line requirements, and commission-free trading. It should be noted, however, that the spreads are not particularly competitive.

    The next step up is the Standard and Gold accounts, which have higher minimum account and in-line trade thresholds, as well as more advanced features and tools. Generally speaking, the spreads are competitive with the Standard and Gold accounts, particularly when compared to the Mini account.

    The Platinum, Diamond, and VIP accounts are very much designed with the professional day trader in mind and have significantly higher minimum deposit and in-line trader requirements. The benefit of these account types is that they provide by far the most competitive spreads and trading conditions.

    While not all account types are the most competitive out there, what we did appreciate about the trading conditions on offer is the choices available. This means you can choose an account type that suits your trading experience, investment strategy, and risk profile.

    1Market Account

    Underlying Assets/Trading Platform Offering: Trade over 600 CFDs in real-time

    Rating B

    In terms of the assets and financial instruments you can trade on the 1Market platform, although not quite as extensive as some of the other larger platforms out there, the selection should nevertheless suit the needs of most intermediate or beginner traders. They include CFDs on forex, commodities, indices, stocks, and ETFs.

    The forex selection is decent enough and covers the major and minor currency pairs we would expect to see, although the selection of exotic currencies is somewhat more limited. When it comes to commodities, the main offerings are silver, gold, crude oil, and natural gas. For indices, once again all the major stock indices are covered, which includes a smattering of the world’s most important picks from the US, Europe, Australia, Asia, and the UK. ETFs are similarly well covered, as are the stock options available.

    Overall, the selection is really solid for a broker of 1Market’s size. Although not necessarily the most extensive selection, with over 600 CFDs on offer, it should suit the needs of most beginner and intermediate traders out there. The portfolio of assets and instruments on offer is relatively well balanced, with enough on offer to keep your portfolio nice and balanced. It should be noted that while limited support for cryptocurrency is provided, the selection is quite limited.

    Order Features of the Trading Platform: Multiple order types to help you execute the perfect trade

    Rating B+

    As it runs on the MT5 platform, all the various order types you are familiar with will be available to you. That includes market orders, pending orders, take profit orders, and stop-loss orders. In total, six different order types are available, with four execution models on offer – such as hedging, netting, and table/chart reporting.

    We were also really impressed by the leverage selector tool supported by 1Market. This tool essentially allows you to calculate an appropriate leverage level on a particular trade. This information can then be used to help you make better trading decisions. It allows you to calculate different scenarios based on current market data, as well as your risk profile. The benefit of this is that it can help to streamline any trade orders you might want to make, saving you time in the long run.

    Another great tool that is available through the proprietary 1Market web-trader platform, is a position simulator. This allows you to accurately determine the moment at which your buy or sell order would become profitable. The benefit of using this is that it provides you with greater certainty and confidence when you are preparing to execute a trade.

    Analysis Features of the Trading Platform: High-quality market analysis and data-driven trading tools for better-informed trading decisions

    Rating A-

    As a trading platform that professes to be technology-driven, we had high expectations of 1Market.

    Thankfully, our expectations were largely met, and 1Market appears to be delivering on its stated goals.

    We were particularly impressed by the 1nsight tool. It is a trading tool developed by 1Market that scans the trading activity of thousands of traders and market movements on the 1Market platform to produce daily trading insights. It provides you with an insight into not only the market sentiment of traders but also of the market movements across various asset classes. By using the 1nsight tool, you will be able to spot trends, volume spikes, position bounces, or trend reversals as they happen in real-time.

    1Market also provide users with a well-researched and resourced financial news facility. This acts as a centralised resource for all the trading news and market updates you might need. Overall, we were impressed by the quality of the news and analysis on offer, which provided a nice mix of written and video content. Additionally, 1Market also provide access to daily market updates, which are essentially a high-level summary of the state of the market on a given trading day. It delivers the latest market news and announcements straight to your inbox, which is a great way of staying on top of any emerging market trends.

    Regulation, Deposit Guarantee, and Risk Limitation: CySec Regulated Broker that Puts the Client First

    Rating A+

    1Market is owned and operated by the parent company Podora Ltd. Podora Ltd is a Marshall Islands registered company, which means 1Market is also licensed to operate there. In addition to being a Marshall Islands registered company, 1Market also has authorisation from the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission – CySEC.

    CySEC is one of the leading regulators in Europe. And as 1Market is registered in one European jurisdiction their regulatory protection covers the entire EU region. That means your trading account will benefit from the protection under both Marshall Islands and European law.

    One of the things that most impressed us about how 1Market handles customer trust and safety, is how easy they have made it to find all the relevant information.

    1Market have a dedicated section of the website called ‘1Shield’, which is essentially a consumer information page. This gives you a complete rundown of all the risks commonly associated with trading CFDs and provides you with information on the protection they have in place. All of the content on this page is explained well and never tries to overwhelm you with technical jargon. Based on this we got the impression that 1Market takes customer protection seriously and actively wants you to know what processes and procedures they have in place.

    If you do have any questions about the customer trust and safety side of things, or what account protections there are in place, the customer support team are always on hand to clarify anything for you.

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    Automated Trading: Automated trading solutions powered by the MT5 platform and Trading Central signals

    Although not having quite the same level of social trading features as some of the other major platforms out there, 1Market has nevertheless provided decent implementation of automated trading solutions.

    This includes all the standard automated trading solutions you would expect from MT5, such as Expert Advisors. The MT5 platform also has support for algorithmic trading and trading robots are built-in as standard. MT5 has also developed a specialised, integrated development environment called MQL5 IDE. This is essentially a development environment that allows a user to build, test, debug, and optimise trading robots within a contained environment.

    In terms of the other automated trading features on offer, 1Market also provide users with access to their ‘Trading Central’ platform. This is described as an “investment decision support infrastructure, which provides you with an insight into real-time trading signals from the industry’s top provider, as well as a market sentiment indicator. Users are provided with access to three premium trading signals per day, completely free of charge. This is a great way of adding some automation to your trading and investment strategy.

    Additionally, you can also add some automation to your trading strategy via the 1Market Social copy trading app.

    Account Opening and Minimum Deposit: Easy account opening with varying minimum deposit requirements

    Rating B+

    For those of you looking to set up a 1Market account for the first time, you will be pleased to note that the process is relatively quick and painless.

    To set up a new account, simply click on the ‘Register Now’ button located on the top right hand of the webpage. That will take you to the account creation tool, where you will be asked to submit certain personal details, including a basic identity check. It is also worth bearing in mind that 1Market fully complies with all the relevant ‘Know Your Customer’ (KYC) and ‘Anti-Money Laundering’ (AML) regulations, which will need to be satisfied before your account is fully registered.

    To begin trading you will need to deposit funds into your account. Before you do that, however, we would strongly encourage you to try out one of the free demo accounts that 1Market makes available to users of the platform. This will give you a good sense of the look and feel of the platform before you commit any funds.

    Once you have tried it out, you will then need to deposit funds into your account to trade the live markets. 1Market support several different payment methods, which includes debit and credit cards, bank transfers, and a limited number of e-wallet solutions. Deposits are usually processed quite quickly, although withdrawals typically take slightly longer.

    In terms of the minimum amount by which you can top up your account, this will ultimately depend on what type of account you open with the broker. There are five different account types: Mini, Standard, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and VIP.

    The minimum deposit on the Mini account is $500 and the minimum line is $1,000. For the Standard account, it is $1,000 with a $10,000 minimum line. Gold is $5,000 with a $50,000 minimum line. Platinum is $10,000 with a $100,000 minimum. The Diamond and VIP accounts have a $50,000 and $100,000 minimum deposit, with a $500,000 and $1,000,000 minimum line respectively.

    The Broker and its Competitors: New Kid on the Block with a lot of Promise

    Rating B+

    In terms of how 1Market compares with the competition out there, as a mid-sized broker that is relatively new to the scene, it can be somewhat difficult to rank them at such an early stage.

    While not offering the same level of competitive spreads and trading conditions as some of the larger brokers, what you get instead is an equally enticing package. As a smaller broker without the same profile as the largest brokers, the service you get ultimately feels a lot more personal. Additionally, the various tech tools and features offered by 1Market do a great job of balancing out the less competitive spreads.

    With all that said, despite the stiff competition, 1Market is managing to make a name for itself. And with less than a year having passed since it was established, the future is already looking very bright for 1Market!

    Additional Services and New-Customer Offers: Well-run affiliate programme that allows you to diversify your income streams

    Rating B

    Although 1Market does not necessarily provide any new customer offers or sign-up bonuses, they nevertheless have some other schemes in place that make signing up for an account worthwhile.

    Of those, we were particularly impressed by the affiliate program, which allows you to diversify your income streams. The 1Market website boasts some impressive figures from its affiliate scheme, which includes a whopping $80 million that has been paid out to affiliates so far, but how does it stack up?

    The affiliate scheme essentially allows you to earn an income from any referrals you make to the platform. While it is not necessarily an unusual feature, 1Market’s version of this does provide some diversity. Most notably, it allows you to choose what revenue model you want to sign up for, which includes: Revshare, CPA, or a hybrid model. Additionally, this affiliate programme also allows you to keep in contact with a dedicated affiliate manager who will act as a liaison.

    All in all, the combination of a well-designed affiliate management platform, the various revenue models on offer, and the fast and flexible payment methods make it an easy choice to make for those of you looking to diversify your income streams. 

    Customer Service and Website: Efficient and Supportive Customer Support

    Rating A-

    As anyone who has ever read any of our previous broker reviews knows all too well, when it comes to rating a new broker, we take customer support incredibly seriously.

    There is a good reason for that, as the quality of the customer service on offer will generally be a good indication of how trustworthy the broker is as a whole.

    With that said, 1Market scores highly when it comes to the level of customer support it provides.

    The main method of getting in contact with a member of the customer support team is through email. You can submit messages and technical queries via a textbox on the ‘Contact’ page, which gives you the space to type out your issue in full and to attach any pictures or documents required. The response will be sent directly to your email inbox, which is an efficient way of managing customer support queries. If you would prefer to speak to a member of the team directly, a phone line is also kept fully staffed at all times.

    Generally speaking, response times on both email and phone were quite good. This is no doubt helped by the fact that the customer service lines are kept staffed all day. In our experience, the advice offered was always direct and to the point.

    In terms of additions, we would like to see going forward, it would be good to see a live chat box included on the website, which would allow you to chat to someone directly in real-time, without the need to do so by phone.

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